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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

fourfit on oaf

ssh observer@ (oaf)
cd /data/AUSTRAL/c1401 get data with wget ftp….

unzip files: “tar zxvf xxx.tar.gz

make control file

zum Testen: fourfit -tx - ../control/cf_3173

(*) parallel fourfit -bdT -c ../control/cf_3171 ::: $(ls -d 126*)

to check whether fourfit is running command

(*) CORDATA=/data/AUSTRAL/c1401

screen output fourfit -m0

delete old fourfit output

cd /data/AUSTRAL/AUST11/1234/
find . -name '??.X.*' -delete
find . -name '??.S.*' -delete

fourfit all: “parallel fourfit -v -c ../control/cf_m3171 ::: $(ls -d 126*)”

database on ops7

Deleting previous database:

do same for S

dbedit file –> dbedit c1401.dbedit

gedit up11.inputs –> up11 up11.inputs au – updating calc11 model

download wx files into /data/vlbi/wxcb/ wget -r -A.wx get downloaded into subdirectory; copy with mv* .

also .cb

if not available: /data/vlbi/sessions/2014/c1404 : download log files

process each log file to extract wx and cb information using pwxcb c1404bd.log - creates wx and cb file as well as one dbcal file for session in /data/vlbi/wxcb directory. enter session name $14MAY09XM .

create .dbcal file. count cable cal stations ls c1401*.cb |wc -l

dbcal /data/vlbi/wxcb/c1401.dbcal


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