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From Brett Reid: “We have tested that a closure of the contacts coming from the new anemometer produces a wind stow of the antenna. This was following Brenton connecting the wires according to Mark's email and me restoring the connection after removing the governor's press button.”

We tested on March 9th during high winds. Some gusts came that stowed the 26m and the 12m stowed at about the same time. It works.

On Wed Mar 17 Tim called out and showed us the 2 pieces of anemometer software currently installed on the PC used to control the antenna. That all works too.

He updated the software to the latest version, same as Yarragadee and Katherine.

The latest version of software needs testing again on a day of high wind by tipping the dish to 80 degrees elevation, leaving the drives on and seeing if the dish stows OK when the strong wind comes. We should also ask Tim what the threshold is set to.

Tim found a potential issue with the backup lithium battery and is testing the Katherine instrument at home. I will take the Yarragadee instrument with me on Monday 22nd March and install it and test it that week. Brett Reid 18/3/2010

Following the power failure overnight I discovered the AneMonitor Hobart display freezes with red ¨Not Connected¨ warning message displayed, even after power is restored. The display works normally again after doing ¨options¨ then ¨connect to device¨ and accepting the defaults. Brett Reid 19/3/2010

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