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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

C1405 notes

Note to observers Can anyone doing an expt changeover PLEASE record the disk pos at expt start on the paper schedule, so that we can properly and easily check disk usage? -Claire


  • Telescope system died after experiment changeover and before first scan, no data from scan 130-0001c to 130-0203 while all systems rebooted (Mark). -Claire
  • As usual, maser AHM ~/= power is blue, value 23.8. -Claire
  • Time delays have returned to normal - Imogen

Mark 5 Crash at Katherine

At ~17:40UT (03:40am local), the Mark 5 at Katherine crashed.

Could not restart remotely as the power failed, all lights were off. Martin went to the telescope and had to reboot the Mark5 several times (as in pull the plug) before it would completely restart and begin working again. Had to fmset as everything was then out of sync.

Mark5 began recording again at 18:58UT (04:58am local).

Missed scans from 130-1737 through to 130-1854a (possibly one or two either side), have noted this in the Checklist. - Imogen


  • Can view time series of 70k stage (etc) for current expt by on “hobart” machine, command “logpl”, load file “c1405ho.log”, and “plotting” last option in first list is 70k. Handy to monitor. -Claire via Brett
  • When preparing End Message, check log for “switching”, ie 'switching drives on', indicating the slew never completed, you can work out which scans were missed (triggered by midob). -Claire via Brett
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