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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

FS upgraded to 9.11.3 at Yg

PCFS software at Yg has been upgraded from 9.11.2 to 9.11.3 at Yg. Not yet tested with DBBC as it's in pieces at the moment.

Link to upgrade notes: 9.11.2 to 9.11.3 at Yg

This version is DBBC v104 compatible and can set BBC TPI default levels. DRUDG now produces output .prc files with default IF power levels which is nice. Continuous cal will also be worth a try when the DBBC is re-assembled.

I’ve verified that the fs starts, econtrol works (and Mk5 disk capacity readings look sensible again) but haven’t been able to too too much more without the antenna or DBBC

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