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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Mark5 upgrade for CONT14

The firmware/software upgrade to the Mark5A and Mark5B+ units has been carried out for mkv, mk5hb and mk5yg. The new version seems to have some compatibility issues with previously recorded modules - DirList gives all scan pointers as zero. For this reason, mk5streamhb has not been upgraded, in order to be able to easily read pre-March 19 modules (AUST19,AUST20,ohig)? The new version of fuseMk5 can work with the new UserDir size but has not been tested.

Info for observers: The upgrade changes the maximum number of scans that can be recorded onto a module from 2^10 to 2^16. Not everywhere has completed this though, so to maintain backwards compatibility you need to issue this command from the FS before starting a recording on an empty module


This sets the scan list back to the short format with 2^10 scans maximum. This is necessary for all modules for the next few months, and critical for those sent off to Washington.

Also, can you include this message in the start/stop messages:

“The mark5B+ was upgraded 19/3/14 and is using mark5 v3.0.1 software, Amazon v16.37 firmware, and FPGAConfigVersion 1.08.”

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