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New DBBC IF power targets

During the NZ trip, Gino advised us that the DBBC performance could be improved by adjusting the DBBCIF power targets. The recommended method was to adjust the IF powers by changing the attenuation to maximise the apparent aplitude of a tone in the BBC channels. This has been carried out for Hb, Ke and Yg, using the pcal tones as a reference. The improvement in apparent magnitude (as estimated through Haystack's bpcal software) ranges between ~30 - 300% over the default values. The table below lists the new targets. A test is planned to see if the improvements in apparent magnitude of the tones carries across to an improved SNR in VLBI observations.

Hb CoMo Previous Target New Target
A 55000 32000
B 55000 40000
C 55000 30000
D 55000 30000
Ke CoMo Previous Target New Target
A 55000 35000
B 55000 28000
C 55000 28000
D 51000 40000
Yg CoMo Previous Target New Target
A 55000 26000
B 55000 26000
C 55000 45000
D 55000 31000
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