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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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 ====== Schedule and Procedure files ====== ====== Schedule and Procedure files ======
 +  * The script operates by drudging a short-duration skd files and appending the snap commands to the end of the currently active schedule. To work, the active schedule needs to be prepared to reload itself, starting at a line number which corresponds to the beginning of the new data. On starting the script, a default ds.snp file is copied across to /​usr2/​sched/​$sched$station.snp to serve as the template. This script includes some basic commands to load the dynamic scheduling procedure library and configure the rack and recorder. The text is included below. //You need to prepare a default schedule called ''/​usr2/​sched/​ds.snp''​ similar to this one.//
 + "​ dyn1      2016 HOBART12 H Hb
 +" H HOBART12 AZEL  .0000 300.0    3   ​90.0 ​ 630.0  75.0    3    5.0   88.0 12.0 Hb Hb
 +" Hb HOBART12 -3949990.58300 ​ 2522421.17400 -4311708.24200 73741201
 +" Hb   ​HOBART12 ​   0    10000
 +" drudg version 2015Jan29 compiled under FS  9.11.07
 +" Rack=DBBC ​     Recorder 1=Mark5B ​   Recorder 2=none
 +  * The dynamic observing script uses a fixed configuration,​ defined by the ds.prc file. When the script is started, this file is copied to /​usr2/​proc/​$sched$station.prc where $sched is the schedule name given to, and $station is the station name (as given to For the AuScope stations, the chosen mode is the 1 Gbps mode that has been typically used for the AUSTRAL experiment series, and a copy is included below. //Prepare your own file ''/​usr2/​proc/​ds.prc''​ to match the configuration of the experiment//​
 +define ​ proc_library ​ 00000000000x
 +" dynamic ​    ​HOBART12 ​ Hb
 +" drudg version 2014Jul23 compiled under FS  9.11.06
 +"< DBBC     rack >< Mark5B ​  ​recorder 1>
 +define ​ exper_initi ​  ​00000000000x ​           ​
 +define ​ setupsx ​      ​16053011358x ​           ​
 +dbbcsxd ​    
 +cont_cal=off ​
 +define ​ dbbcsxd ​      ​16053011358x ​           ​
 +define ​ ifdsx         ​16053011358x ​           ​
 +define ​ checkmk5 ​     00000000000x
 +sy=/​home/​oper/​bin/​ &
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