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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

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Hobart 12m

Module HOB+0100/16000, 13.5 GB used, Bank B

  • The 9TB jump from a1514 still leaves enough space for a1515 (4TB experiment), Jamie said that we should continue to use this module. (JS)
  • Hobart windsensor not working :( I tried to restart it but attempts failed :((

Katherine 12M

Module HOB+0106/16000, 7.3 TB used, Bank B


Module HOB+0102/16000, 12.1 TB used, Bank A

  • Ongoing DBBC issue causing problems in S band. (JS)
  • 02:20 UT - Antenna stuck. Restarted at 02:30 UT missing scans: 060-0220 to 060-0234 (vk)
  • 02:52 UT - Antenna stuck… again. Missed scans: 060-0252 to 060-0258 (vk)
  • 03:00 UT - Antenna stuck. Called JMc who suggested calling Yg. Called Yg. No answer. Continued to “Reboot Central” in HMI. Missed scans: 060-0300 to 060-0312 (vK)
  • Expected disk_pos deficit = 83 GB
  • 05:00 UT - disk_pos drifting since ~03:30 UT. Deficit is now ~55 GB, even considering the deficit from stoppages (vk)
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