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Line 9: Line 9:
     * 1800UT - Experiment started ok (JS)     * 1800UT - Experiment started ok (JS)
 +    * 0243UT - wind stow. missed scans 343-0239 through 343-0258 inclusive (released shortly in between). (Lucia)
 +    * 0425UT - wind stow. Started in middle of scan  343-0415, through to  343-0430. (Lucia)
 +    * 0553UT - wind stow. missed scans  343-0554 through 345-0648
 +    * Previous wind stow was not recovered from. Had to reset drives etc however hb then immediately wind stowed again. Turns out it was really stuck and the technique on the current issues page didn't work after multiple times. However, I did a '​reboot system'​ on a UoT Antenna control (or reboot central, maybe both) and after I did the antenna=off,​ terminate, etc thing it suddenly worked. I'm guessing it needed a full system reset to clear it's queue (maybe?). (Lucas). First valid scan after prolonged wind stow event (see above) 345-0648
 +    * Missed scans due to an auto-stow event. No alarm at beginning of auto-stow but alarm when '​previous source in schedule not reached'​. 4mins later auto-stow was released and restart after auto-stow was successful. Missed scans were 343-1231 and 343-1234 (Lucas).
Line 19: Line 24:
 **Yarragadee** **Yarragadee**
-Module: IAAE-018 (8TB), start pos 1602 GB+Module: IAAE-018 (8TB), start pos 1606 GB
 Module: JIVE-057 (2TB), start pos 0 GB Module: JIVE-057 (2TB), start pos 0 GB
Line 27: Line 32:
      * 1952UT recorded data lagging expected by 7.24 GB (JS)      * 1952UT recorded data lagging expected by 7.24 GB (JS)
      * 2053UT recorded data lagging expected by 9.93 GB (JS)      * 2053UT recorded data lagging expected by 9.93 GB (JS)
 +     * 0503UT recorded data lagging expected by 28 GB (Lucia)
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