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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hobart 26m

Disk VSN: MAT+004 | Data volume at beginning: 2102.4 GB

  • 1800UT Experiment started okay (Patrick).
  • 2255-0010 Windstow (JMc)
  • Tsys values seem high, IF power apparently low. Might be an issue with amplifier gains causing loss of sensitivity. Will investigate tomorrow (JMc)

Hobart 12m

Disk VSN: flexbuffhb

  • 1800UT Experiment started okay (Patrick).
  • ~2300-2328 Windstow. (JMc)
  • 0234 PCAL on. (JMc)
  • 2200 UT (after experiment) - Noted that sampler 3 is reporting poor statistics. Check the dbbc log!
  • ~1530 - Sampler 3 (X-band.X-pol) lost lock.

Katherine 12m

Disk VSN: flexbuffke

  • 1800UT Experiment started okay (Patrick).
  • 2300 UT - Samplers show poor statistics. Stopping to reconfigure (JMc)
  • 2312UT - Back on schedule (JMc)
  • NB - Sampler 2 statistics are “Bad”, but still getting good performance. Carrying on for now (JMc)
  • 0234 PCAL on. (JMc)
  • Sampler 3 intermittently reporting as “Bad”. Still seems ok, so not trying a reconfigure. Issue seems to be the correlation statistics near to 170E6, Will need to address this if values go below 165E6 (JMc).
  • Samplers lost lock ~1320 (JMc)

Yarragadee 12m

Disk VSN: MAT-0008 | Data volume at beginning: 0.06 GB

  • 1800UT Experiment started okay (Patrick).
  • 0315 - XLRappend Errors with mk5yg (JMc)
  • 0350 - Back on schedule with HAY-0055 (JMc).
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