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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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 **Hobart 12m** **Hobart 12m**
-Disk VSN: flexbuffhb+Disk VSN: flexbuffhb ​& HOB_0106 & MAT+0008
-   ​* ​1730UT ​+   ​* ​First good data from 189-1832. Config & mark5B issues prior to this time. (JMc) 
 +   * 23:55 UT lost antenna comms (warren) 
 +   * 01:49 UT antenna comms restored, probably not on source for two hours (w) 
 +   * 05:35 UT changed module to MAT+0008 (w)
 **Katherine 12m** **Katherine 12m**
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