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 ====== AUST41+42 ====== ====== AUST41+42 ======
-Ke has no modules ​in mk5ke to continue with those experimentsThe module UAO-0018that is in now, contains R4648ke and to be shipped to WashingtonPerhaps ​there is a module in mk5-2ke and one can to switch to it, but I do not knowbetter call Martin.+ 
 +Module USN+0224 8000 GB was loaded ​in Bank B but key not turned on! Martin attempting ​to get there, but probably expect late start.... 
 + ​Recording finally started to USN+0225 at 00:39 after modules sorted. Recorded data is -179 GB short of scheduleddue to late start. 
 + ​ATTENTION! ​ Looks like module in bank B USN+0224 has bad soft VSN (name too long warning) will need to sort out when there is a substantial gap in scans. 
 +Aust42 commenced on bank B module ​USN+0224, as above. 
 +Recording to HOB+0041 starting at zero GB. 
 + ​Module changed ​in A to HOB+0023 6 TB ready for aust42 by Warren on Saturday. 
 +Hb automatically changed to bank A for start of scan 229-0530. 
 +Antenna stuck. Not in windstow, elevation brakes wont release. Dave local at yg went out to reset power in pedestal. Still no joy. 
 + Move to Current Issues! Elevation brakes will not release. fs, halt schedule. Need to switch power off in pedestal, open cabinet and switch to maintenance mode. Switch power back on, but this time to hand box control. Should be able to drive by hand. Switch power back over to remote mode. HMI interface should now drive telescope might need to "​Reboot Central"​ in HMI. fsantenna=open,​ antenna=operate,​ resume schedule. Good luck with all of that.... 
 +Recorded data is -404 GB short of scheduled, due to late start.
-Hb has only HOB+0041/​6000 plus half of USN-0114/​4000 that already contains R4648hb, summing up to 8TB. Module change should be performed by one of the observers some time on Saturday. 
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