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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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 ====== AUST44 ====== ====== AUST44 ======
 +Logs and EndMess sent (Lucia)
 All experiments started OK.  All experiments started OK. 
-  * Hb module: HOB+0119 (~5.TB remaining+  * Hb module: HOB+0119 (~10.66 TB ahead), changed to HOB+0104 part way through as didn't have enough space. 
-  * Ke module: HOB+0112 (~24.TB remaining+  * Ke module: HOB+0122 (~7.82 TB ahead
-  * Yg module: HOB+0120 (~22.TB remaining)+  * Yg module: HOB+0120 (~9.54 TB ahead)
-Hb module ​only has ~5 TB of space, does this need to be changed?+  * Hb  
 +    * Module ​only has ~5 TB of space, does this need to be changed? 
 +    * Missed most scans in 242-0754 to 242-0943 due to mk5 issues loading up another module
 +  * Ke
 +    * There are some communications issues with eControl - use Dave's "​backup control"​.
-~~DISCUSSION~~+  * Yg 
 +    * There are some communications issues with eControl- use Dave's "​backup control"​.
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