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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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 Module: HOB+1004, start pos: ???? GB Module: HOB+1004, start pos: ???? GB
-Major antenna failure at start of experiment (Ross) ​+Major antenna failure at start of experiment, not participating at present ​(Ross) ​ 
 +  * 04:15 UT:  Hobart rejoined schedule at 0415 after repairs made to emergency stop system. No useful data recorded prior to this time. (JMc) 
 +     * Disk position at start of 0415 scan was 1767 TB (JMc) 
 +  * 06:58 UT: First module (USN-0111) ran out of space, FS automatically swapped to HOB+1004. Starting at 6377 GB. (Dave) 
 +  * 07:00 UT: 20K stage at 40K. (Dave) 
 +  * 08:00 UT: Cryo temp continuing to rise. Driving to Mt.P to turn on vacuum pump. (Dave) 
 +  * 09:00 UT: Cryo pressure now good. Temps going down. (Dave) 
 **Katherine** **Katherine**
 Module: ???+????, start pos: 2417.620 GB Module: ???+????, start pos: 2417.620 GB
 +21:27 UT: large clock jump (Ross).
 +Module: HOB+0029
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