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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



  • Started ok, writing on FGI-0004, at 0 (Liza)


  • Started relatively OK, writing on GSFC+021, from 0 (Liza)
  • Tsys are too high in both bands (Liza)
  • Clock jump at 2014.309.18:34:39 (Large difference between formatter and maser delays). Also was problem before the start. Scans 309-1834, 309-1841 are affected, 18:45: halt, 18:55:38 restarted (Liza)
  • 19:58:08 ALARM: Large difference between formatter and maser delays, 20:02 halted, 20:07 restarted (Liza)


  • Writing on USN-0119 (Liza)
  • Scan 309-1834 was lost due to manipulations with the procedure (new procedure built and loaded) (Liza)
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