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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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   * 17:30UT Experiment started OK (Ross)   * 17:30UT Experiment started OK (Ross)
 +**Hobart 26**
 +disk HOB+0025 ​
 +  * 03:00 UT Just found out that Ho should also be observing. Apparently Warren did start it, though this was missed by AuScope observer. The schedule started late (6 hours late) due to changeover from astronomy schedule confusion. First full scan is  019-0017 at 00:17 UT. Additional problems due to wrong recorder specified in the schedule. Experiments seems to run fine, will send off start message now. (Lucia)
 +  * 03:50UT Vacuum pressure is at 3.9 (should be <3.5). Told Brett and he will take care of it. (Lucia)
 +  * 05:42UT Vacuum pressure was low (3.5) now is 3.9 again. Spoke to Brett. As long as the temperature (70k) is not rising, we are good. 70k stage has been stable at about 54K over the last two hours. (Lucia)
 {{tag>}} {{tag>}}
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