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 ====== hob004 ====== ====== hob004 ======
 +06:50UT UTAS Sandy Bay struck by lightning, power either went out during strike or switched to backup (Ross).
 +06:53UT Second strike knocked power out again (Ross).
 +**Hobart 12m:**
 +Disk VSN: HOB+0120
 +Data volume at beginning: 21130.8
 +  * 19:00UT Experiment started okay. (AK)
 +  * 10:20UT - ERROR st  -27 Computer ACU time difference exceeded 0.25 seconds continuously experienced for 1 minute then fixed itself. Probably a network issue. (Ellen)
 +  * 11:30UT - Since doing the last checklist the delay difference seems to be slowly drifting although it seems to have levelled out for the moment. Will keep a close eye on it. (Ellen)
 +**Hobart 26m:**
 +Disk VSN:​HOB+1010
 +Data volume at beginning:0
 +  * 19:00UT Experiment started okay. (AK)
 +  * 04:22UT Hobart has been recording less data than scheduled throughout the experiment at an average rate of 17GB per hour (Ross).
 +  * 09:57UT - Disc pos ~240 GB behind (is supposed to be close to 1400 GB total). Jamie has fixed something so that the scans are losing 1s at the beginning instead of 5-6s. So it should lose data more slowly now. (Ellen)
 + * 11:30UT - Disc pos is now 250 GB behind so appears to be losing data more slowly now. (Ellen)
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