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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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 Module: USN-0017, start pos 0 GB Module: USN-0017, start pos 0 GB
 +   * 17:00UT - Experiment stater ok. (Ellen) Source=3C418 (Arwin)
 +   * 00:00UT (approx). Stopped observations due to scheduled power outage at site. (Jim) Last scan was either 214-2350 or 214-2358. (Arwin)
 +   * 10:45UT mk5yg had to be power cycled using the internet power switch after getting the following error "​ALARM:​ error m5  -23 mk5cn: error opening, mark 5 probably not running, see above for error"
 +   * 10:50UT ntpq server offsets were large, running a sync on fmset fixed the issue. Checked with on call person as well. (Arwin)
 +   * 11:00UT Experiment started again following restoration of power to the site. First valid scan will be 11:06 UT, scan name 215-1106a, source = 1424-418. (Arwin)
 +   * 11:05UT Data at start was 335.512, approx (914.8-335.512) Gb of data was missed. Setting the offset to +579.28 in log monitor. (Arwin)
 +   * Had the following error every scan "​WARNING:​ error wx   -2 met: can not connect to server."​. I imagine this is due to the missing weather recording hardware? (Arwin)
 +   * 14:09UT Autocorrelation spectra has some issues but checked with the on call person and decided no action was neccesary. Channel 5 was consistently as shown in the image below  (Arwin)
 +{{ :​handover:​screenshot_from_2016-08-03_00_07_41.png?​300 |}}
 {{tag>}} {{tag>}}
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