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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

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Fringe checks done with Hb, Ke, source 1921-293, only one fringe found (channel 04).


Module: HOB+0125, start pos 10762 GB (Jamie said this module was good to record to, leaving the empty 8 TB)

  • During set up, FS reporting “-888 DBBC PPS error” every few minutes. Tried restarting + reconfiguring dbbc many times. Fmset reports no problems, autocorrelation of test scan looks fine. (Ellen)
    • Jamie fixed this by just running clkoff and maserdelay…


Module: BKG-0037, start pos 0 GB


Module: USN-0131, start pos 742 GB

  • During setup, everything worked fine until I tried to record a test scan, then the mark 5 froze and reported connection error. Restarting and rebooting and recycling the power made no difference; everything was fine until it tried recording every single time. (Ellen)
    • J-Mac determine that module HOB+0127 (7218 GB used out of 32 TB) is busted and so this is being shipped down to be fixed.
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