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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

This is an old revision of the document!



Module: USN-0085, start pos 1573.233 GB

  • 1700 UT - Experiment started OK. (Ross)


Module: HAY-0049??, start pos 0 GB

  • 1700 UT - mk5 connection issue, needed to restart dimino but could not terminate. Had to reboot mk5. This did not resolve problem. Repeated a further time but the commands in the pcfs system a taking up to a minute to take effect. Used IP switches to reboot both mk5 and pcfs, however pcfs cannot be pinged. Have rebooted several times and waited at least ten minutes. mk5 can be pinged. (Ross)
  • 1810 UT - pcfske successfully pinged. (Ross)
  • 1815 UT - mk5 connection still refused and dimino cannot be killed on rebooted machine. (Ross)
  • 1820 UT - dimino started but field system cannot be resynched due to connection issue. (Ross)


Module: HOB+0075, start pos 3182.812 GB

  • 1700 UT - Experiment started OK. (Ross)
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