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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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 Disk VSN: HOB+0041| Data volume at beginning: 0.641 GB  Disk VSN: HOB+0041| Data volume at beginning: 0.641 GB 
-1700 UT: Antenna'​s drives get stuck (mas)+ 
 +  *  ​1700 UT : Antenna'​s drives get stuck. Fixed by reset drive at vdesk (drvon command) ​(mas) 
 +  *  1756 UT : Start the first scan at 021-1756a. Missed scan from 021-1700b through 021-1749b (mas) 
 +  *  0340 UT : Drives might crashed and at the same time wind stowed. Missed scans from 022-0340 through .... (mas) 
 +  *  1024 UT : Wind is OK and start again! First good scan is 022-1032 (Simin). 
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