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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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 ====== R1954 ====== ====== R1954 ======
 Disk VSN: HOB-1060/​2000 | Data volume at beginning: 6604 gb. Disk VSN: HOB-1060/​2000 | Data volume at beginning: 6604 gb.
-Stuck drives.+    * Stuck drives?! Schedule resumed by scan 188-1823Prior data invalid. 
 +    * Received continuous error ma -4 device rx timed-out not response. At 10:16 UT terminate the PCFS and halt schedule. Received error "​Allocating memory for antenna monitoring"​. Resume schedule at 10:40 UT. Missed scans from 189-1015 through 189-1041 (mas) 
 +    * about 1516 UT, Device rs timed-out on response (Lim) 
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