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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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 Data volume at beginning: 2494.34 GB Data volume at beginning: 2494.34 GB
 +  * 00:15 UT log monitor gave error saying receiver was off axis.  Halted schedule, moved receiver to L-band and back to S-X to reset. ​ Restarted schedule at 00:28UT. (Imogen)
 Katherine 12m: Katherine 12m:
Line 12: Line 14:
 Data volume at beginning: 0.256 GB Data volume at beginning: 0.256 GB
 +  * 1232 UT S-band temps are high ~120-150K (JS)
 Yarragadee 12m: Yarragadee 12m:
Line 18: Line 22:
 Data volume at beginning: 1.314 GB Data volume at beginning: 1.314 GB
 +  * 0940 UT m5 -104 mk5cn error. Doesn'​t appear to mean anything (JS)
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