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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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 **Hobart 12m:** **Hobart 12m:**
-Disk VSN: HOB+0047+**Neither Arwin, nor I could figure out how to reset the skycam, it is not the same process for Ke as documented on the wiki. (Ellen)**
 +Disk VSN: HOB+0118 ​  ​(Intended to record on the other module but it reverted to this one during one of the outages/​reboot,​ didnt know this would change the module selected)
 +Data volume at beginning: 30060.086 GB
 +  * During the **setup** had the following issues (Arwin)
 +                   - 05:03 UT  "​WARNING:​ error m5 -900 : not while other activity"​. The makr5 had frozen up and needed a reset from the internet power swtich. This was accomplished with Jim Lovel'​s help. (Arwin)
 +                   - 05:57 UT ''​mk5=dot?''​ respone was ''​not_synced''​. Opened FMSET and synced the clocks. This gave back the nominal resposne of ''​syncerr_eq_0''​. The time at the end was still greater than 5ms, in the range of 18 ms. The time kept drifting to higher and higher numbers and eventually had to get Jamie to help me. Jamie diagnosed it was the ntpq server that wasn't behaving very well (high offset) and he had to reboot the system. (Arwin)
 +                  - 06:58 UT  The Lat_offsets were between 0.02 and 0.04. Zero'd the offsets after running fivept check, re-ran the fivept check to confirm Lat_offsets were below 0.02. (Arwin)
 +                  -11:59 UT WARNING: error st  -27 computer acu time difference exceeded 0.25 seconds, see value above. Wiki suggested ignoring this error as it most likely is resulting from an ongoing etransfer?
 +                  -17:02 UT Had the following error a few times: WARNING: error st   -5 error return from antenna, see mbus error, ''​antenna=open'​ fixed this. Brett emailed regarding a power failer at mt Pleasant around this time. 
 +  * 18:30 UT Experiment **started ok**. (Arwin)
 +  * 18:35 UT Onsource stattus is slewing error for scan 126-1835. (Arwin)
 +  * Had the following wind stows (Arwin)
 +                   - 20:12:34 - 20:18:17 UT Scans affected 126-2012a through to 126-2014
 +                   - 21:23:14 - 21:32:11 UT Scans affected 126-2123 ​ through to 126-2130b ​
 +                   - A few status is slewing errors while the telescope was stowed. ​
 +                   - 21:32:19 - 21:46:08 UT Scans affected 126-2135b ​ and possibly ​ 126-2142 as there was a status is slewing error
 +  * On source status is slewing errors ​
 +                    - 00:35 UT, scan 127-0035 (Arwin)
 +                    - 04:52 UT, scan  127-0452a (Arwin)
 +                    - A few while the telescope was stowed due to the wind. Check the times under wind stows. (Arwin)
 +                    - 06:40:50 UT, scan 127-0640b (Arwin)
 +                    - 06:42:36 UT, scan 127-0642a ​ (Arwin)
 +                ​
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