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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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 ====== R4745 ====== ====== R4745 ======
-2016.175.18:​22:​44 Total data recorded = 0.673 GB at beginning of experiment to A USN-0005/ 2000.138+** Katherine 12m ** 
 +Disk VSNUSN-0155 
 +Data volume at beginning: ?? 
 +  * 1830 UT Katherine hasn't started yet. Getting errors about "​2016.175.18:​32:​07.65?​ERROR m5  -23 mk5cn: error opening, mark 5 probably not running, see above for error" But I don't know how to make it run? Tried IP switching it (the mk5) off and on again but now the ssh's don't work? Internet failure? (Lucas). 
 +  * 19:10 UT Ellen said that if the ssh oper@mk5ke isn't working then it is most likely the internet being down at Kath. I'll keep looking through the wiki and reach Brett and/or talk to Jesse about the issue (Lucas). 
 +  * 24:04 UT Jamie has fixed the mk5 problem. Finishing set up. Jamie'​s response " Mick had swapped modules and restarted the mark5 units so that we could use mk5ke for recording again, while mk5-2ke was conditioning another module. DIMino was not running on mk5-2ke, which lead to the mk5cn errors in the FS. I fixed it this morning by terminating the FS, editing /​usr2/​control/​mk5ad.ctl to use mk5ke again, and restarting the FS."  
 +  * Intermittent status us slewing errors. (Arwin) 
 +** Yarragadee 12m ** 
 +Disk VSN: USN-0005/ 2000.138 
 +Data volume at beginning: 0.673 GB 
 +  * 2016.175.18:​22:​44 Total data recorded =  at beginning of experiment to A  
 +  * 18:40UT E-control froze and couldn'​t rebootTurns out the field system crashed.  
 +  * 19:16:44 Recording started. First good scan 175-1926b. Disk_pos gives 62.917 GB at this point. (Lucas). 
 +  * 19:25:06 Eremote control has disappeared on the screen (like has a '​bar'​ but no 'under bit'). [This was eventually fixed by maximising eremote control]. Continuously monitoring e-remote control monitoring on ops4. (Lucas). 
 +  * 15.15 UT Eremotectrl lost connection, had to restart it. There shouldn'​t be any interruptions to the experiment. (Arwin) 
 +  * 16.20 UT disk_pos was about 50 gb behind where it should be, pretty consistent over the night. (Arwin) 
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