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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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 ====== R4751 ====== ====== R4751 ======
 +**Katherine 12m:**
 +Disk VSN: USN-0012
 +Data volume at beginning: 0, but add 301.5 GB for missed scans
 +Started late as operator missed their shift.
 +22:54 UT : First scan with good data: 217-2236 (Jim)
 +09:52 UT : received WARNING: error st  -27 computer acu time difference exceeded 0.25 seconds until 09:54UT. Appears to have fixed itself. (Jonny)
 +**Yarragadee 12m:**
 +Disk VSN: USN-0049
 +Operator failed to turn up for shift. Late start.
 +Data volume at beginning: 0, add 300.5 GB for missed scans
 +22:54 UT: First scan with good data: 217-2248 (Jim)
 +23:36 UT: no weather data due to broken weather sensor. (Lucia)
 +23:51 UT: Wind stow. Lost scans  217-2351b through 218-0002. First good scan 218-0008. Wind sensor showed up to 500km/h. Consulting with Yg, apparently no wind in Yg. Wind sensor power cycled, now fine again. (Lucia)
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