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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



Module USN-0014/Start 0.00 GB

  • 18:32UT Experiment started late, first scan 012-1832 (Nick)
  • 18:32UT Quite a few of the values on the system monitor are red, with drive status and drive control unknown (Nick)
  • 18:45UT clkoff-maserdelay delay was excessively large (533072.774 us), reconfiguring the DBBC worked as explained at (Nick)
  • Some wind stows. Check logs to note off source times. (Jim)
  • 2017.013.06:14:55 ALARM: Large difference between formatter and maser delays. Check for stability of new offset. Reconfigured dbbc. This seemed to work. Hobart was wind-stowed anyway (Lucas)
  • 10:30 UT Hobart recovered from 'wind stow'.
    • Antenna probably hadn't been wind stowed actually for a while. I noticed the wind speed had dropped to 7.5km/h bu the antenna hadn't recovered.
    • Anyway after a few resets of antenna, drives, reboots, system and no change I thought the monica data was wrong since the wind speed didn't change from 7.5km/h. This has worked for me in the past to I tried it first.
    • Antenna started setting off alarms due to missed scans and started trying to record data whilst stowed. Never a good sign. Solution was to:
      • halt
      • disk-record=off
      • antenna=off
      • terminate fs
      • restart
      • antenna=open
      • antenna=operate
      • proc=r4774hb
      • schedule=r4774

And it was away!

  • First good scan after recovery 013-1039.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE I skimmed the logs to see where it went wrong and I think the moment it buggered up was a note that said 'auto-stow recovery failed'. From then on it got stuck in a loop of trying to stow but never getting there. Maybe this should be an alarm??
  • 14:30 Automatic wind stow. Released on it's own. 013-1451 first scan after release.
  • 15:20 I think monica weather server isn't working, wind data hasn't updated for a while. I needed to go up to the telescope (to put in a mv004 module) and the wind was very clearly >7.7km/h (it nearly blew me over) that the monitor system showed (Lucas)
  • 15:30 Auto-stow released, source 1144-379, but probably not for long (Lucas)


Module NRAO-005 (960 GB)/Start at scan 013-0349 (711.5 GB offset) 711.50 GB

  • 18:32UT Not running until maser has been fixed.
  • 03:49UT Maser repaired, looks good. Data should be OK from scan 013-0349 onward (Jim)


Module MPI-0413/Start 0.00 GB

  • 18:32UT Experiment started late, first scan 012-1832 (Nick)
  • 21:50UT Data is invalid prior to scan 012-2151c (was unable to communicate with the DBBC) (Nick)
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