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 +  * UT 16:40: At schedule start getting ''?​ERROR ch -309 v6 alarm is on''​ alarm. This didn't appear in the notes but ''​valarm''​ in pcfs seems to have made it happy. (JS) 
 +  * UT 17:35: ''​''​ doesn'​t have a ''​ho''​ option. Ready message not sent (JS) 
 +  * UT 17:35: mk4 rack seems happy; all values within 0.1 - 1.0 (JS) 
 +  * UT 19:57: I awoke to an alarm, but there is no indication of what it was in the log (smothered in amongst all of the power overflow errors I can't find anything). The system seems happy, the alarm has not restarted. 
 +  * UT 7:54: ERC shows year 1969. This seems to be a problem with the ERC reading of information. (Lucia) 
 +  * UT 9:06: 2014.309.09:​02:​00.59?​ERROR ch -309 v6 alarm is on. muted with command "​valarm"​ in the input. Seems to occur every time when changing from setup02/03 back to setup01. (Lucia)  
 +  * UT 9:27: 2014.309.09:​26:​53 ALARM: error m5 -900 check formatter serial number even (Lucia)
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