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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


DBBC Configuration

* Conditioning Module Status

Supplied 1PPS and 10 MHz reference, using the cables previously connected to the SRTP2 system. BNC→SMA adaptors were used to make the connection.

Booted into Windows from the onboard PC, configured the network settings to IP, NM, GW Used “System” in control panel to change computer name (to dbbchb) & DNS lookup to

Ran “DBBC control”, answered “y” to reconfiguration. Sampling modules were re-initialised and resumed processing with the 1PPS sync.

DBBC Callibration

Mapping of channels to VSI

The DBBC has 4 channels per IF board (we have 4 IF boards), each of these channels has an upper and lower sideband. The VSI interface has 32 bit streams, for 2 bit we have Sign bit and Magnitude bit. So we can't record all channels at 2bit. The question is how these channels and bands are mapped to the VSI interface from the DBBC. There are two channel mappings that are implemented in the DBBC - astro and geo. You can select these with the command “dbbcform=geo” or “dbbcform=astro”. By default, it's in geodetic mode but you can query that with “dbbcform”. I've included the channel mapping info we were given by Gino. With the “Mark 4 sampler output column”, the code represents the base-band converter number, whether it is the Upper or Lower sideband, and whether it is the Sign or Magnitude bit. You can use the bitmasking in the mk5 to select a subset of channels and/or 1-bit sampling. For the first 4 channels with upper sidebands (dbbc01, dbbc02, dbbc03, dbbc04) at 2-bit sampling (for LBA-type observations) the mask is 0x000000ff and for 16 channels at 1-bit it is 0x55555555.

Original Modes

May 2011: new test and VSI modes added

DBBC 3rd Party Utilities & Software

Recording Configuration DBBC And Mark5B+

OS Installation

MS Windows XP

Linux OS Installation

Installation on a Compact Flash Card

DBBC Power Measurement

Commercial Boards used in the DBBC

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