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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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-====== Commercial boards used in the DBBC ======+====== Commercial boards used in AuScope & Warkworth ​DBBC'​s ​======
-HSB-835P Rev A 1.0 Motherboard : http://​​PD_Products_Detail_B7D68317D3A4400384_F4826D32641344DB93_6C2818EF24DF446898_US_UTF-8.html+HSB-835P Rev A 1.0 Motherboard :  
  ​Network : Intel 82562EZ / 825476I Controller  ​Network : Intel 82562EZ / 825476I Controller
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 http://​​products/​spartan6/​index.htm http://​​products/​spartan6/​index.htm
 +===== April 2012 New DBBC's =====
 +They now have a half height motherboard using a intel Atom chip. Using less power and generating less heat.
 +Also some stations now using solid state or small notebook 2.5" sata drives rather than the flash card.
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