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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Post Conditioning Checks:

Use Dimino and tstdimino to check the vsn and pointer setting after conditioning:

dimino -mo -c1 &
>vsn? " need to enter twice to get a nice response" 

DO NOT use the following procedure if there is data on the module. Please ensure the data has had its data removed BEFORE changing the vsn

Make sure the vsn is the same as the front label on the module. If it has been corrupted, you can change the vsn by entering:

>vsn=XXXsxxxx  "eg vsn=BKG-0006" 

To check the pointers are reset to 0:

>pointers=?   " should show 0 : 0 : 0 : 0; " 

More Handy tstdimino commands:

>bank_set=A   "select module A"
>reset=erase  "erase the module without conditioning" 

Mark5B manual is here :

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