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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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   * edited proc file to change mk5 mode to 4 Mbps   * edited proc file to change mk5 mode to 4 Mbps
   * Added checkmk5 procedure   * Added checkmk5 procedure
-  *  ​+  * Tried 1sec updates. Works but can't stop it with a @ command (not enough time?). 2 sec updates are OK though, so going with them. 
 +  * Added some lines to the start of the snap file to put the antenna at the correct az and el for the start of the track. 
 +  * 2016 07 18 at Ke 
 +    * Started in the wrong Azimuth wrap! 
 +    * 2 sec updates blocked all other FS scheduled commands 
 +    * Went to 5 sec for end of track and some data were recorded 
 +    * Look for data between 10:18:30 and 10:20:30 UT
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