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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Hobart 12m has completed crds66

The log from experiment crds66 has been copied to
Formatter (H-maser) leads GPS by 10.0205 microsec at 2013.212.17:31:48.04

Additional experiment notes:
Recorded 1930.99 GB to module USN-0178
USN-0002 using the Mark5B+ recorder. The Module is being sent to Washington using eTransfer.

Known problems:
Maser to Gps time drifting constantly for first six hours. DBBC rebooted at 
around 23:30 (211) after which time (noted by operator in log) data should be good.

Missed Scans:
First six hours or so may be problematic

Jacqui, Dave, Warren

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