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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

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VLBI satellite observations 2.0

This page is to document the satellite observations as outlined in Lucia's DECRA. Currently working on this project are David, Mas and Lucia. Let's try and document everything, so that Mas can hand over her work and we keep a record of how things are done.

A good result until mid-July would be both telescopes working and an established procedure to do the same observations as in the paper, incl. final delays and analysis.

redo observations

First aim is to replicate the observations as done in the JoG paper 2017.

  • Mas will care a bit about the telescopes and will work towards Cd getting back up again.
  • Let's try a autocorrelation for Ho. Initially using the step-wise tracking.
  • Make sure we know how to record the data, set up the DBBC etc.
  • Investigate the raw data (live-track via the spectrum analyser)
  • Do autocorrelations (using diFX)
  • investigate signal stability, strength etc.
  • Then eventually investigate continuous tracking, how this could be realised for Ho. Two options: 1. sattrack (manually paralle to the FS) 2. Lucas' new program (?)
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