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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Operators meeting 06.08.14


1. Resent experiments to be reviewed (handover notes and correlations summaries are attached):

  • R1635 * CONT1403 * CONT1405 * CONT1406 * CONT1410 * R4636
  • AUST25
  • R4637 * R1639
  • AUST29 (Ke time difference)
  • R4643
  • AUST34-35

2. News

  • New 32TB modules, their handling
  • New weekend observations, transition between schedules is not always seamless
  • Ke maintenance trip results
    • mk5ke is back as a main recorder, mk5-2ke is a spare, switching between
    • use of PDUs instead of IPS, instruction in wiki on the same page
    • new dBBC target power levels
    • ?

3. Current issues:

  • pointing
  • AUST36 – lessons, operators' role and actions
  • Logging operator comments – FS or eRC? Duplicate handover notes?
  • How to deal with high Tsys and other “known issues”?
  • Watchdog standby time 15 min – too short
  • Hb doesn't come out of stow automatically when the wind calms down
  • Network problems at Ke and Yg

4. Roster, any questions or comments 5. Preparations to the new AUST marathon 6. Other items 7. Day and time of the meeting

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