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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

This is an old revision of the document!

AuScope Operations Meeting Thursday 21st April, held at 12pm.

Chair: Ellen

Apologies: Nick


Current Issues

  • New PCFS at Hobart (thanks Jamie)
  • Maser maintenance at both Katherine and Yarragadee currently, hence Brett is not at the Observatory. Warren is at Mt Pleasant Tuesdays to Thursdays and occasionally Mondays.
  • CRDS82 - “still getting ve error: ERROR ch -308 ve total power integrator overflow” - what was this and was it fixed Bryn?
  • R4734 - Yarragadee: consistent offset between mark 5 and other computers of 0.1 - 0.4 visible in fmset with no sync error, could not be fixed. Caused by power failure affecting GPS receiver (new UPS installed) - had to change to Hobart's. Fixed itself 4+ hours later. Is there any way to fix this other than hope?
  • R1735 - A couple of instances where recorder started ~ 7-10 seconds before onsource at both Katherine and Yarragadee.
  • High system temperatures - run systemp12 again to make sure it wasn't just one dodgy reading. Monitor make note of how many scans were affected by high tsys values.
  • Anything else to note?
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