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-**Chair/​Presenting:​** Jonathan 8-)+**Chair/​Presenting:​** Jonathan 8-) / Lucas
 **Attendees:​** ​ **Attendees:​** ​
 +Liz, Teeg, Lucia, Ellen, Jim, Jesse, Bryn, Jamie, Nick
 **Not Attending:​** ​ **Not Attending:​** ​
-Ross+Ross, Arwin
 **General:​** **General:​**
   * Do not disturb signs now available   * Do not disturb signs now available
-  * New time? Doodle poll it up+  * New time? Doodle poll it up. Try this for a start, can add more options if nothing suits anyone. http://​​poll/​ditizg4dzrngs8yd (Arwin)
   * Any update on module organisation?​   * Any update on module organisation?​
 +    * Work in progress
 +  * If you borrow a car, fill in the log book. Also, if there'​s <1/2 tank of petrol, fill it up.
 +  * coding school @ IMAS (Jim sent an email about it, so go back and find it). Happens on Fridays.
 **Issues taken from handover notes** **Issues taken from handover notes**
-  * ERROR st -998 reading SystemClock1+  * ERROR st -998 reading SystemClock1 ​(Possible issue with power failures)
     * Fixed with antenna=open     * Fixed with antenna=open
 +  * antenna=operate was needed after yg came back online from a power outage for r1751.(Arwin)
 +  * YG weather
 +    * Humidity sensor off for repair. There'​s a spare one plugged into pcfs|yg, but wx command not working at this stage.
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