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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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 **General Issues** **General Issues**
     * Hobart26m drives major failure. Next session CRF106(Thurs 5th, Atifur setup).     * Hobart26m drives major failure. Next session CRF106(Thurs 5th, Atifur setup).
-    * Katherine weather server: the weather comes from a computer ​[[operations:fixwthlook here]]+    * Katherine weather server: ​digging keep into the AuScope archive I found this snippet: 
 +            * "Ryan Ruddick ​from GA has replaced the GPS receiver at Katherine with newer “Trimble” unit on This features a web interface that is mostly javascript unfortunately which the existing script cannot parse. A truly horrible lash-up has been created on ​[the UPS monitor PC] which opens firefox to load the siteand save the webpage as html, before extracting the MET data to a text file. This file is then copied to pcfske, where the edited wx function can read it. While ludicrous and somewhat embarrassing overdesigned,​ it is functional and should last until someone with a working knowledge of javascript can deal with the new MET server. In the meantime, please do not interfere with the firefox window eternally popping up on the dell2ke display"​ 
 +            * How to fix: 
 +    * Yarragadee VPNI have noticed that the Yarragadee maser vpn regularly goes down. It runs on the computer and if that is pingable BUT has a ping greater than 100, then you should call either him or Randell at Yarragadee.
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