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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

This is an old revision of the document!

Chair: Lucas


Apologies: Arwin


Handover Issues

  • CRDS94: KATHERINE had some mk5 troubles. Looks like the mk5 crashed or dimino required restarting?
  • AOV021: Hobart26m drives failed. See general issues. Yarragadee VNC problems. See general issues.
  • R1834: VNC problems.
  • R4833: Katherine weather server problem. See general issues.
  • R1833: Patrick, you set a module VSN? How? Katherine wx.
  • AUA039: Hobart26m hydraulic problem (WAS fixed). Katherine/Yarragadee schedule problem, not observing issues.
  • R1832: Yarragadee formatter delays -

General Issues

  • Hobart26m drives major failure. Next session CRF106(Thurs 5th, Atifur setup).
  • Katherine weather server: the weather comes from a computer look here
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