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-**Chair:​** ​+**Chair:​** ​Katie
 **Attended:​** ​ **Attended:​** ​
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 **Handover Issues** ​ **Handover Issues** ​
 +   ​*R4836:​
 +       *yg: e-remote control lost connection. In the end Jamie fixed the problem, as Yg weren'​t answering the phone after the module change.
 +   ​*APSG42:​
 +       ​*Hobart:​ the Field system time is 0.5 seconds off mk5 time.
 +       ​*Hobart:​ No autocorrelations."​ I think because I manually drudged the proc file for Hobart26m. Could “hack” the proc file with that from the previous apsg containing Hobart26m"​. Copied a previous checkmk5 from a aua039 proc file. checkmk5. (worked?)
 +       ​*Hobart:​ Last BBC in S band looks pretty dodgy.
 +       ​*Hobart:​ The 70K stage temperature fluctuated a lot, every few scans. Is this normal?
 +       ​*Hobart:​ formatter to fs time difference 0.5 seconds or greater'​ error, fixed with '​sy=run setcl offset'​ as suggested in wiki, while not recording. ​
 +    *R4837:
 +       *Ke: Network connection lost to pcfs, mk5, time etc
 +       *Ke: Mark 5 crashed bringing down network. Connection restored on-site.
 +    *R1838:
 +       ​*Ke:​Large different between formatter and maserdelay setting off Alarm. Delay through DBBC has changed, monitor for stability and reset DBBC if it drifts. Had to reconfigure and restart the DBBC several times.
 +       *Yg: Network connection lost (again). Restarted DBBC.
 +       *Yg: VNC failed. Brett had to reset. ​
 +    *AUA042:
 +       ​*Hobart:​ Live page frozen
 +       *Ke: Delay Drifting. Need to reconfigure/​restart the DBBC.    ​
     ​     ​
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