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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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 **Chair:** Simin **Chair:** Simin
-**Next meeting chair:​** ​+**Next meeting chair:​** ​Patrick
-**Attended:​** ​+**Attended:​** ​Mas, Pradyumna, Jamie, Jay, Katie, Earl, Tiege, Patrick
 **Apologies:​**  ​ **Apologies:​**  ​
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 **General Issues** **General Issues**
-  *  +  * Katherine will back next week. 
-  ​* ​+
 **Handover Issues** **Handover Issues**
Line 20: Line 20:
   * T2P144   * T2P144
     * Ho26m: Drives shut down while slewing (Warren)     * Ho26m: Drives shut down while slewing (Warren)
 +    * Experiment started 5 minutes (1735 UT) late due to ops8 schedules script not writing snp file in hobart:/​usr2/​sched/​ (mas/​warren)
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