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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

End of Experiment Checklist Parameter Descriptions

Below is an explanation of the current list of items to check during an observation:

  • Antenna: back in stow position
    Check the antenna status display in the system monitor window and check that the antenna has returned to stow. If not, issue a source=stow command.
  • Copy and paste relevant Handover notes from the wiki to the Additional Notes section below
    Go to the Handover notes page and copy any relevant notes for this antenna into the Additional Notes section of the checklist.
  • Close this window, then process the log and send the end experiment email
    Not really a question but a request. Please submit this last checklist (so the output gets copied to the log), then process the log and send the end experiment email as described in the Finishing an observation section. You may need to defer this step if there is another experiment following immediately.
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