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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

This is an old revision of the document!

Finishing an observation

At the end of an observation, the antenna should return to stow and eRemoteControl will bring up a checklist to run through. Here are some notes on the checklist:

If it was an IVS experiment, process logs, comment on the experiment and and send the end of experiment e-mail:

Unless there is another experiment to follow shortly, exit from the Field System by typing the following command in the eRemoteControl operator input window:


Exit the log monitor program.

If Yarragadee is observing (and is not following on), email the operator to let him know the observation is finished and the telescope has gone to stow at

If this is the last experiment of the week and there is a gap of a day or more until the next experiment, please reboot the PCFS computer. To do this:

  • open a terminal on pcfs[ho|ke|yg] as oper
  • type su
  • (type in the root password)
  • type reboot

It will take a couple of minutes to reboot. You'll need to manually start the VNC server next:

  • open a terminal on pcfs[ho|ke|yg] as oper
  • type vncserver
  • log out with an exit

Please power-down the stairwell monitors using the switches under the main desk labelled Screen 1, Screen 2, … when finishing an experiment or after hours to save power.

If another experiment follows this one, go to the next step: Following on with another experiment

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