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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Hobart shipping paperwork, part 1

  • Remove module from the Mark5B recorder and put a red sticker over the green dot. The sticker will (should) be on the workbench under the whiteboard.
  • Go to the printer in the office and put a sheet of sticky labels into the printer's tray (printable side down, and make sure it's the correct size with 7 rows and 2 columns) and note the row and column of the label to be printed to (Counting from the top left of the sheet as you look at it in the tray).
  • On pcfshb, run
    cd /usr2/log
    drudg <log file> all <x> <y>

    where x and y are the row and column index of the label to be printed. for example:

    drudg r4457hb.log all 2 3
  • Collect the printed label and put it on the front of the module where it says “Library Label”
  • Check the destination of the experiment using the IVS master list.
  • From the metal filing cabinet in the office, from the drawer marked NGS ENCODERS CEDUNA TIMING take:
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