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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Go to the DBBC terminal on the KVM (switch position is 2) or open a VNC session to the DBBC with :

vncviewer -shared

After editing the proc file, it is necessary to set up the DBBC and Mark5B. The C:\DBBC_CONF\dbbc_config_file.txt has been edited to set the frequencies correctly for R1/R4 type experiments. For other experiments, the DBBC frequencies can be calculated either from the sky frequencies or from the original values of the VCs in the proc file. The sky frequencies are given in the skd file. To convert the VC frequency settings to DBBC frequencies you need to add 480 MHZ for the first 4, add 980.1 for dbbc05-dbbc08, add 120 for dbbc09-dbbc14 and set dbbc15 and dbbc16 to something innocuous (say, 320 MHz) as they're not being recorded. Running C:\DBBC_CONF\DBBC Control.190710.exe and answering yes to configure the system should load the frequencies correctly. One the configuration is complete, you need to set up the IF system. The commands to do this are


It appears that CoMo 3 is reporting low total power levels. It may be that there is a poor connection on one of the SMAs…The target values for the total power readings is 56000. this can be checked by the command dbbcif[abcd]. If the levels are too high or low, then adjust the attenuation on the IF box.

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