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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Starting the MONICA client

  1. Open a terminal on ops-serv2. E.g. from ops2, open a terminal and type:
    ssh observer@ops-serv2
  2. Start the MONICA client. This should be done once for every antenna you want to monitor. Specify the Field System PC at the desired site or ops-serv2 if you want to monitor network connectivity. E.g. for Yarragadee:

    then select pcfsyg.

  3. A blank Monitor Display window will appear.

If MONICA does not start at Hobart

  1. ssh into pcfshb as root
  2. Now restart the client by entering:
 /etc/init.d/ stop 

and then

 /etc/init.d/ start 

Monica for the 26m

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