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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Operator Documentation for observations from ops2


Observations on the 12m telescopes from the Control Room

These are notes on IVS observations from ops2, the six-monitor PC in the AuScope VLBI Operations room in Hobart.

If you are unfamiliar with the computers and software used at the sites and in the control room, please read this before continuing:

IVS Observations

Below is a step-by-step procedure for making IVS observations on the 12m telescopes. The current version of e-RemoteCtrl has a built-in checklist which can now be used during the setup procedure. So the first task is to start the Observing and monitoring software at each site, then e-RemoteCtrl.

Before the Observations

Timing PC Software

Check that the software on the timing PCs is running:

Field System Software

System Monitor

e-Remote Ctrl

The checklist should now be visible. The items in the list are described below and can be ticked off as you go

The Before Observation Checklist

Prepare the schedule file
RF and IF signal path
Check the maser
DBBC Configuration

The Digital Base-Band Converter (DBBC) takes the IF signals from the telescope and digitises them for the Mark5 recorder. The DBBC needs to be properly configured prior to an observation:

Mark5 Recorder setup

Next the Mark5 recorder needs to be prepared for the observations.

Clock and delay check
Test recording
System Temperature (Tsys) check
Antenna checks
Weather checks
Fringe check
Send a Station Ready email
  • Start Skype and begin a chat session with all participating sites plus the on-call person

Starting and Monitoring

After the Observations

eVLBI observations

Fringe Checking

User accounts and email addresses

Gmail accounts have been set up for registration with skype and other services. The usual Observer password applies.



Skype: keobserver



skype: ygobserver

Hobart 12m


skype: hbobserver

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