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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


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   * [[operations:​ObsSummary|Observation summaries, correlation reports]]   * [[operations:​ObsSummary|Observation summaries, correlation reports]]
-====== Data and Module handling and logistics ​======+====== Data Handling ​and Disk Logistics ​======
-===== Transfers ​=====+==== Transfers ====
 Please use the [[operations:​documentation.ivs.etransfer|Transfers Page]] for information on data transfer. Please use the [[operations:​documentation.ivs.etransfer|Transfers Page]] for information on data transfer.
- +===Modules===
-===== Module Management =====+
 See the [[operations:​documentation.ivs.modules| Modules Page]] See the [[operations:​documentation.ivs.modules| Modules Page]]
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 <​note>​If there are any questions or issues with module logistics, please contact with the details.</​note>​ <​note>​If there are any questions or issues with module logistics, please contact with the details.</​note>​
 +See [[http://​​8000/​catalog/​| Experiment and Module Catalog]] for module allocations,​ inventory, transfers, ​ upcoming and historic experiments; ​
-<​html>​ +====== Telescope calibration/​monitoring ​procedures and notes ======
-<iframe width='​800'​ height='​600'​ frameborder='​0'​ src='​https://​​spreadsheet/​pub?​key=0AsfCGKmeMHssdE1DSjhwQjAwNHBMNUh3VktZLWFlbFE&​output=html&​output=html&​widget=true'></​iframe>​ +
-</​html>​ +
- +
-====== Telescope calibration procedures and notes ======+
   * [[operations:​pointing|Antenna pointing solutions]]   * [[operations:​pointing|Antenna pointing solutions]]
   * [[operations:​12mPointingCatalogue|12m Pointing Catalogue]]   * [[operations:​12mPointingCatalogue|12m Pointing Catalogue]]
   * [[operations:​tsys|Y-factor and Tsys measurements]]   * [[operations:​tsys|Y-factor and Tsys measurements]]
   * [[operations:​26mPointing|26m X-band pointing]]   * [[operations:​26mPointing|26m X-band pointing]]
 +  * [[operations:​TempHumidMonitor|Temperature and humidity monitoring at AuScope sites]]
 +  * [[operations:​RPiIPS|Raspberry-Pi Internet Power Switch]]
 ====== Stairwell Displays ====== ====== Stairwell Displays ======
   * [[operations:​big_screens|Presenting material on the stair-well displays]]   * [[operations:​big_screens|Presenting material on the stair-well displays]]
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