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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

AuScope VLBI Operations meeting : 12 Nov 2013, 2 PM, Minutes

  1. Review of recent experiments.
    1. Experiments reviewed:
      1. Correlation/analysis reports:
        • R1606 Chase up Ke problem (Jim)
        • CRF78
        • R4606
        • R1607
        • R4607
        • R4608
      2. recently observed
        • AUST16
        • R1610
        • R4610
  2. Previous Action Items
    1. Light in Ke control room (Brett, Martin). Still to do. Ask Martin to leave light on until the IPS has a light hooked up to it.
    2. Katherine RFI (Monitor full band (Martin, Jim)). The WiFi has been turned off. Better? Is there a good data monitoring/collection method? (Jamie) No better! 1850 MHz headsets also seen. (Jim)
    3. Processing logs, multiple disks Example
      1. Hand editing is still required but Chris has a new script being tested.
    4. Which modules to use (Imogen, Jamie). A list of which modules to use for each experiment is now on the wiki. See Operations page
    5. 26m IVS documentation will need updating before May 2014
    6. Question for Brett: how to find out the network status at the three sites (e.g. 3G or wired). Jim is working on a new monitoring script that will ring alarms/warnings when the network goes down etc.
  3. Recent software, hardware changes.
    1. Jim to talk to Gino about diagnosing the problem at Katherine. Ongoing
    2. Mark5 to Yarragadee for conditioning: shipped
  4. Operational issues
    1. Jamie in Ceduna from this week until end of LBA run (back on 27th). On call: phone Ceduna control room 08 8625 3070 (pref), x6388
    2. AUST17 has been cancelled
    3. LBA Observing next week. Please volunteer :-) Can do IVS and LBA simultaneously from Mt Pleasant.
    4. Next meeting will focus on observing the big session. Helpful to get as many observers to the meeting as possible. Doodle poll to be used
  5. Q & A
    1. Jim chase up eremCtrl with Stuart for Warkworth
    2. Pointing check at Yg problematical for OHIG85. Unknown reason.
    3. Alarm when the network dies. And how to fix the problem. (Jim)
  6. Next meeting : ?
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