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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

1. Resent experiments that were reviewed:

  • R1635
  • CONT1403
  • CONT1405
  • CONT1406
  • CONT1410
  • R4636
  • R4637
  • R1639
  • R4643

The recent AUSTs experiments are still awaiting correlation and will be reviewed as soon as available. Remasks:

  • Pointing: pointing offset should be <0.02 degree. If more, investigation should be done asap. Start the pointing procedure if time permits (to check pointing in other directions), log the offset & inform on-call person. If pointing fit repeatedly doesn't converge, dBBC is a likely culprit, especially at Yg.
  • RFI: if autocorrelation amplitudes look strange, it is likely to be caused by RFI, especially in the two last channels in the S band in Hobart. Please report it.
  • Windstow: a substantial amount of data is lost due to an antenna that get stuck in the windstow position after the wind calms down, please check the anemometer when stow is reported. How to get the antenna out of the stow:
  On the pcfshb VNC session:
      (just to make sure the recorder is stopped)
      (should turn the drives off, check HMI on timehb)
      (This will exit the field system software)
  Then re-start the field system in a terminal with fs. Then in eRemoteCtrl:
      (check HMI and see if drives power up)
      (schedule should start. Wait for next source command and see if antenna slews)

One may also need to open VNC session on timepc and manually switch drived off and on in HMI.

  • Please advice the local staff at the observatory to mark dedicated module with the red dot sticker BEFORE the experiment strts to prevent erasing of a recorded module. The experiment name label should be glued on after the experiment.


  • Handover notes are changed into the blog mode
  • Update of “Current issues” will be done every two weeks after analysis of handover notes and search for recurrent problems
  • Observer should copy the handover notes into the “Comment” session of the last checklist
  • Additional meeting to be called next week
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